Selling Smoke: Tobacco Advertising and Anti-Smoking Campaigns

Additional Advertisements and Resources

American Lung Association smoking placard

The William Van Duyn collection contains 187 binders of tobacco advertising and anti-smoking materials, dating from 1898-2002.  To explore this collection, and request binders to view in the Medical Historical Library, please visit the finding aid.  You can also find over 1000 items from the collection in the Items view of our online exhibition.

There are incredible online resources related to the history of the tobacco industry.  Some selected sites include:

Historical materials from anti-smoking societies are more scattered.  Major organizations include the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the Truth Initiative.  The World Health Organization also has a major anti-smoking initiative, partnering with societies worldwide to stamp out smoking.

One of the most comprehensive histories of the tobacco industry and anti-smoking campaigns is Allan Brandt's The Cigarette Century (2007).

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