Women in Science and Engineering at Yale (2020 Edition)

Evelyn Boyd Granville, Ph.D.

Photo: http://www.math.buffalo.edu/MAD/ peeps/granville_evelynb.html 

Evelyn Granville worked as a mathematician. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Yale in 1949, becoming the second Black woman in the U.S. to receive a doctorate in mathematics and the first at Yale. She co-authored, with Jason Frand, Theory and Applications of Mathematics for Teachers in 1975. In her career, Granville taught and did research including at IBM on the Project Vanguard and Project Mercury space programs. “When asked to summarize her many accomplishments” she said, “First of all showing that women can do mathematics,” and “Being an African American woman, letting people know that we have brains, too” (Williams, 2008).