The core mission of Yale's School of Nursing is "better health for all people." For a majority of its history, women worked to fulfill this mission at the School of Nursing. As we celebrate the 100-year anniversary of women at the Yale School of Medicine, we also take this opportunity to explore and reflect on another history that is nearly as long: that of women at the Yale School of Nursing. Brilliant, talented women have been essential to the Yale School of Nursing since its founding in 1923 -- as students, as professors, as deans, and as researchers. This exhibition showcases the history of the Yale School of Nursing as well as the legacies of the women who shaped it.

For more on the history of the School of Nursing, read Helen Varney Burst's Yale School of Nursing: celebrating 90 years of excellence; YSN: a brief history (2013).


The Yale School of Nursing: A Yale Tercentennial Exhibit, was on display in the rotunda of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in September-November 2001. It was prepared by Mona Florea, Historical Library, with the assistance of Helen Varney Burst, Linda Pellico, and Kathleen Bauer. Lilli Sentz, Toby Appel, Mona Florea, Christiane Nockels, and Gillian Mayman prepared the original Web adaptation. The exhibition was updated and migrated to the Omeka exhibition platform by Simbonis intern Emma Brennan-Wydra.