Doing Good by Stealth: The Philanthropy and Service of Annie Burr Lewis


photograph of Annie Burr Lewis sitting outside under a tree

Annie Burr Lewis’s philanthropy and service have left a lasting impact on the organizations with which she was involved. Reflecting the quiet nature of her contributions, which she gave without expectation of public recognition, her accomplishments have been absorbed into the stories of the organizations she supported and form part of the continuum of their histories. More than sixty years after her death, these organizations flourish and thrive.

Annie Burr's upbringing and experiences influenced her philanthropic actions, and her financial means, personality traits, and personal connections facilitated her accomplishments. Her drive to improve the world in which she lived created an enduring though understated legacy, and the organizations in which she was involved benefit an even broader audience today. She lived a life of service and philanthropy, doing good by stealth.