William Hogarth's Topographies


This exhibition was realized during the Graduate Research Assistant position I held at the Lewis Walpole Library in Spring and Fall 2021. It would not exist without Cindy Roman, Sue Walker, and Kristen McDonald, to whom I am indebted for suggesting this exhibition and for their sustained encouragement and assistance. I would also like to thank Nicole Bouché for supporting the project. David Baker thoroughly copy-edited my texts - and I take full responsibility for any remaining mistakes. Tim Barringer, Barbora Bartunkova, Pål Halvorsen, Judith Stapleton, and Reva Wolf have provided me with invaluable feedback at various stages of the project. Kate Heard and Rosie Razzall kindly gave me access to the Royal Collections at Windsor Castle. I wish to thank Alice Debord for granting her permission to reproduce Guy Debord’s lithograph in the coda of the "Peregrination" section, as well as Laurence Le Bras at the Bibliothèque nationale de France for her kind cooperation.