William Hogarth's Topographies



Primary Sources

Anon. Lapland Sketches, or Delineations of the Costume, Habits, and Peculiarities of Jens Holm and his Wife Karina Christian, with accurate representations of the Deer, Sledges, Huts, &c. As Exhibited at Bullock’s Museum. London: J. Harris and Son, [1822?].

[Bernard, Jean-Frédéric, and Bernard Picart]. Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde représentées par des figures dessinées de la main de Bernard Picard : avec une explication historique, & quelques dissertations curieuses. 7 vols. Amsterdam: J. F. Bernard, 1723–1737. The section on Lapland is included in vol. 7.

———. The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the Idolatrous Nations; Together with Historical Annotations, And several Curious Discourses Equally Instructive and Entertaining… 7 vols. London: Printed by William Jackson for Claude Du Bosc, 1733. 4, part 2: 379–398.

[Bullock, William]. An Account of the Family of Laplanders; which, with their Summer and Winter Residences, Domestic Implements, Sledges, Herd of Living Reindeer; and a Panoramic View of the North Cape, (from a drawing lately made on the spot by Capt. Brooke, to whom the proprietor is indebted for permission to exhibit it,) are now exhibiting at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. London: Printed for W. Bullock by James Bullock, 1822.

[de Ferriol, Charles]. Recueil de cent estampes representant differentes Nations du Levant, tirées sur les Tableaux peints d’après Nature en 1707 et 1708 par les Ordres de M. de Ferriol, Ambassadeur du Roi à la Porte. Et gravées en 1712 et 1713 par les soins de Mr. Le Hay. Paris: 1714.

Hakluyt, Richard. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiqves and Discoueries of the English Nation, made by Sea or ouer-land, to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the Earth, at any time within the compasse of these 1600 yeres…  2 vols.  London: George Bishop, Ralph Newberie, and Robert Barker, 1599. 1: 232–237.

Ireland, John. Hogarth Illustrated. Vol. 3: A Supplement to Hogarth Illustrated; compiled from his Original Manuscripts, in the possession of John Ireland… 2nd ed. London: Published by G. and W. Nicol and Messrs. Boydell, 1804.

Linnæi, Caroli (Carl von Linné). Flora Lapponica Exhibens Plantas Per Lapponiam Crescentes, secundum Systema Sexuale Collectas in Itinere. Amsterdam: Apud Salomonem Schuten, 1737.

De La Motraye, Aubry. A. de La Motraye’s Travels through Europe, Asia, and into parts of Africa; with Proper Cutts and Maps. Containing a great Variety of Geographical, Topographical, and Political Observations on those Parts of the World; especially on Italy, Turky, Greece, Crim and Noghian Tartaries, Circassia, Sweden, and Lapland. A curious Collection of Things particularly Rare, both in Nature and Antiquity… 2 vols. London: Printed for the author, 1723. 1: 428; 2: 280-339.

———. Voyages du Sr. A. de La Motraye, en Europe, Asie & Afrique… 2 Vols. The Hague, T. Johnson & J. Van Duren, 1727.

———. Voyages en Anglois et en François d’A. de La Motraye, en diverses provinces et places de la Prusse Ducale et Royale, de la Russie, de la Pologne &c… The Hague: Adrien Moetjens, 1732.

[Nichols, John]. Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth; with a Catalogue of his Works chronologically arranged; and occasional remarks. 3rd ed. London, John Nichols, 1785.

Picart, Bernard. Impostures Innocentes, ou Recueil d’estampes d’apres divers peintres illustres, tels que Rafael, Le Guide, Carlo Maratti, Le Poussin, Rembrandt, &c. Gravées à leur imitation, & selon le gout particulier de chacun d’eux, & accompagnées d’un Discours sur les Préjugés de certains Curieux touchant la Gravûre. Amsterdam: Chez La Veuve de Bernard Picart, 1734.

Sala, George Augustus. William Hogarth: Painter, Engraver, and Philosopher. Essays on The Man, the Work, and the Time. London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1866.

Salmon, Thomas. Modern history, or, The present state of all nations: describing their respective situations, persons, habits, buildings, manners, laws and customs, plants, animals and minerals: being the most complete and correct system of geography and modern history extant in any language. Vol. 3, London: Printed for Messrs. Bettesworth and Hitch, 1739.

———. (Dutch ed.) Hedendaagsche Historie, of tegenwoordige staat van alle volkeren: In opzigte hunner Landsgelegenheid, Personen, Klederen, Gebouwen, Zeden, Wetten, Gewoontens, Godsdienst, Regering, Konsten en Wetenschappen, Koophandel, Handwerken, Landbouw, Landziektens, Planten, Dieren, Mineralen en andere zaken tot de Natuurlyke Historie dienende. Vol. 7: Behelzende eene korte Beschryving van den Tegenwwordigen Staat van Rusland, Zweden, Denemarken en Noorwegen. Als mede van de Landen onder de Noord Pool gelegen, en van de Groenlandsche Visscherey. Amsterdam: Isaak Tirion, 1735.

———. (Italian ed.) Lo stato presente di tutti i paesi, e popoli del mondo naturale, politico e morale, con nuove osservazioni e correzioni degli antichi, e moderni viaggiatori. Vol. 8: Dell’imperio della Moscovia o Russia, dei regni di Svezia, di Danimarca, e Norvegia, e della Groenlandia. Venice: Presso Giambattista Albrizzi, 1738.

Scheffer, John. The History of Lapland wherein are shewed the Original, Manners, Habits, Marriages, Conjurations, &c. of that People. Oxford: At the Theater in Oxford, 1674.

———. (Augmented ed.) The history of Lapland: containing A Geographical Description, and a Natural History of that Country; with an Account of the Inhabitants, their Original, Religion, Customs, Habits, Marriages, Conjurations, Employments, &c. … To which are added The Travels of the King of Sweden’s Mathematicians into Lapland: The History of Livonia, and the Wars there: Also a Journey into Lapland, Finland, &c. written by Dr. Olof Rudbeck in the Year 1701. London: Printed for Tho. Newborough and R. Parker, 1704.


Secondary Literature

Altick, Richard D. The Shows of London. Cambridge (Mass.): Harvard University Press, 1978.

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Copies and Editions of the Peregrination


Original manuscript in the British Museum (purchased in 1847).


William Gostling’s “hudibrastick” versification of Forrest’s text issued as Hogarth’s Tour by John Nichols as a literary curiosity printed in only twenty copies, including one preserved in the Bodleian Library at Oxford (G. Pamph. 1232*).


First published edition of the manuscript, An Account of What Seemed Most Remarkable in The Five Days Peregrination… London: Printed for R[ichard] Livesay.

John Nichols reproduces Gostling’s verses in the second edition of his Biographical Anecdotes of William Hogarth. London: Printed for J. Nichols, pp. 403–427.

Thomas Rowlandson copies the manuscript of the Five-Days Peregination, presumably from the original. This facsimile is also preserved in the British Museum.


John Nichols and George Steevens. The Genuine Works of William Hogarth. Gostling’s verses are reproduced in vol. I (1808): 493–524, and Livesay’s prints and Forrest’s text in vol. III (1817): 113–131.


William Hone. Table Book, vol. II, no. 37. London: Published for W. Hone by Hunt & Clarke, pp. 289–320 (includes Forrest’s prose and Gostling’s verses).


Forrest’s prose text and Gostling’s verses, supplemented by an introduction and many illustrations, published by John Camden Hotten under the title Hogarth’s Frolic.


Hogarth’s Peregrination, ed. Charles Mitchell. Oxford: The Clarendon Press. All quotations in the exhibition come from this edition of the text.


Selected Histories of Kent


William Lambarde. A Perambulation of Kent: Conteining description, Hystorie, and Customes of that Shyre… London: Imprinted for Ralphe Nevvberie.


John Harris. The History of Kent, In Five Parts. London: Printed and sold by D. Midwinter.


T. G. A description of the Isle of Thanet: and particularly of the town of Margate; with an account of the accommodations provided there for strangers; ... with a description of Sandwich, Deal, Dover, Canterbury, Rochester, Chatham… London: Printed for J. Newbery and W. Bristow in St. Paul’s Church Yard.


Edward Hasted. The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent…, 4 vols. Canterbury: Printed for the author by Simmons and Kirkby.


William Bernard Cooke. The Thames; or, Graphic Illustrations or Seats, Villas, Public Buildings, and Picturesque Scenery, on the Banks of that Noble River. London: Printed for Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe.


Other Primary Sources

Aubrey, John. ‘Brief Lives,’ chiefly of Contemporaries, set down by John Aubrey, between the Years 1669 & 1696. Edited by Andrew Clark. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, vol. II, 1898. (Biography of John Ogilby: pp. 99–105.)

Combe, William. The Tour of Dr. Syntax, In Search of the Picturesque; A Poem. London: R. Ackermann, 1812.

———. The Second Tour of Doctor Syntax, In Search of Consolation; A Poem. London: R. Ackermann, 1820.

———. The Third Tour of Doctor Syntax, In Search of a Wife, A Poem. London: R. Ackermann, 1821.

Defoe, Daniel. A tour Thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain, Divided into Circuits or Journeys. Giving A Particular and Diverting Account of whatever is Curious and worth ObservationWith Useful Observations upon the Whole. Particularly fitted for the Reading of such as desire to Travel over the Island. London: Printed and sold by G. Strahan, W. Mears, R. Francklin, S. Chapman, R. Stagg, J. Graves, vol. I, 1724. (Letter II proposes a journey through the county of Kent.)

Hawkins, Laetitia Matilda. Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches and Memoirs I. London: F.C. and J. Rivington, 1822. (Includes anecdotes about the Rev. William Gostling.)

Ingoldsby, Thomas. The Ingoldsby Legends; or, Mirth and Marvels I. 10th ed. London: Richard Bentley, 1864. (In part. “Grey Dolphin: A Legend of Sheppey,” pp. 65–95.)


Secondary Literature

Ayrton, Michael, (ed.). Hogarth’s Drawings. London: Avalon Press, 1948.

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Other Sources

Website of the Kent Archaeological Society: https://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/research/monumental-inscriptions




Primary Sources

Alberti, Leon Battista. The painting of Leon Battista Alberti in three books…. Edited by James Leoni. Vol. III. London; Printed by Thomas Edlin, 1726.

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———. The Practice of Perspective, On the Principles of Dr. Brook Taylor: in A series of examples, from the most simple, and easy, to the most complicated, and difficult cases. In the course of which, his method is compared with those of some, of the most celebrated writers, before him, on the subject. Written many years since, but now first published. London: Printed for A. Millar and J. Nourse, 1763.

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———. The Perspective of Architecture. A Work Entirely New; deduced from the Principles of Dr. Brook Taylor; and performed by Two Rules only of Universal Application: part the first, contains The Description and Use of a new Instrument called the Architectonic Sector: part the second, A New Method of Drawing the Five Orders, Elegant Structures, &c. in Perspective. Begun by Command of His Present Majesty, when Prince of Wales, by Joshua Kirby, Designer in Perspective to His Majesty. London: Printed for the author by R. Francklin, 1761.

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