Medicine in World War I

More WWI Medical exhibitions

Many institutions are commemorating the war through exhibitions, whether physically or online.  Here's a list of exhibitions worldwide containing medical history in World War 1.


American Women's Medical Association: "American Women Physicians in World War I" and WWI collections in Calisphere


Australian War Museum: "Great War Nurses"


The Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine: "Noble Work for a Worthy End: Harvard Medical School in the First World War"


Drexel University College of Medicine: "‘Over There’: Hahnemann Medical College and Woman’s Medical College in World War I"


Emory University: "When the Emory Unit Went to War"


The Johns Hopkins University:  "Hopkins and the Great War"


U.S. National Library of Medicine: “Circulating Now: The Great War”


National World War I Museum and Memorial: “The Second Battlefield: Nurses in the First World War”


Personal Web Site--Chris Baker: “The Long, Long Trail: The British Army in the Great War of 1914–1918"


Personal Web Site--M. Geoffrey Miller:  “The Medical Front WWI”


Science Museum, London: “Wounded”


University of California—San Francisco:  "A Centennial Commemoration of WW I" and WWI collections in Calisphere


Virginia Commonwealth University:  “U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 45 in the Great War”


Weill Cornell Medicine: “We Heard the Call: Our Doctors and Nurses in World War”


Wellcome Library: “Wellcome Library Blog: World War I”


Wisconsin Veterans Museum: “Roses of No Man’s Land: Wisconsin’s World War I Nurses”


Yale Medical School: “Yale Medicine Goes to War, 1917” and videos concerning Yale's medical role in the war